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ILoveMakonnen feat. Migos & Rich The Kid — “Whip It (Remix)”


Makonnen Sheran released the DRINK MORE WATER 4 mixtape in May 2014. The LA rapper has flung a multitude of releases into the world since 2011, and it seems like he’s broken through to a wider sector of the population since Drink More Water 4 was released.

Why? Well, the first sign is that DRAKE was featured on ILoveMakonnen‘s last single, “Tuesday.” Drake was on DEGRASSI, so you know that that is BIG. And now he’s gone and released a new mixtape, the next in the series, DRINK MORE WATER 5.

There was a freestyle on Drink More Water 4 called “Whip It,” kind of one of the tape’s half-baked tracks. Well, the track has been rerecorded, reformatted, and had verses added, all resulting in Drink More Water 5’s “Whip It (Remix).” The track is instantly addictive and shines like a vibrant diamond in the generally more subdued and less instantly grabbing (rough) rest of the tape. Mild, casual misogyny, one of the more persistent issues that I have with a lot of rap, is present here. Not on this track too badly, but it exists on the tape and it sucks. It would be easy enough to avoid, I feel, with all those words in the English language and all. Maybe I should lower my standards when a song is essentially straight-up about slinging cocaine though? Anyway, “Whip It (Remix)” features one of the more powerful hooks I’ve heard in awhile, rap or not, all thanks to that mumbler ILoveMakonnen. Also check out “Slowed It Down” and “Other Guys,” some stumblin’ R&B, really unique from Makonnen! Also, “No Ma’am” is neck and neck with the subject of this article for song with the best chorus on this tape. Listening to it over and over. Stream the “Whip It (Remix),” the entirety of Drink More Water 5, and the original “Whip It” freestyle from last year below. ILoveMakonnen plays the first BOSTON CALLING fest that doesn’t look like it’s going to entirely suck in May in downtown Boston. It also must be said, in regard to the proceedings at hand, that there’s no sign of DEVO anywhere.

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