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Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression


Only Iggy could write a song like “Break into your Heart“. What could’ve been garbage in lesser hands, Pop, who’s made a career of never taking the easy path continues that instinct here by twisting a romantic sentiment on its head. He’s not waiting around for someone to show themselves but instead is threatening in his determination to know them better. His ability to make romance sound dangerous is what sets it apart from a faceless song. Truly a one of kind artist, Post Pop Depression reminds us why we’re lucky to still have him around.

Never one for contentment, the punk godfather shows no signs of slowing down his search for satisfaction despite his age. While “Gardenia” and “Sunday” may breeze by with lighter subjects, the slower tracks put more emphasis on the words revealing a real depth. “American Valhalla” is a perfect example, haunting in it’s spaciousness he contemplates the fictional utopia and where his legacy will lie after he’s gone. “Paraguay” is another where an envious singalong for animal instincts becomes a deeper message against modern culture that ends with his demand “take your motherfucking laptop and shove it into your goddamn foul mouth.”

Josh Homme, best known from Queens of The Stone Age, who co-wrote and produced PPD, helps give us the record we all knew Pop still had in him. Having been a huge fan of The Idiot/Lust For Life since his days in Kyuss, Pop even sent him specific directions based on those records to use as a blueprint for this. Keeping the arrangements lean, Homme lets Pop take the wheel adding in stinging guitar or queasy synths that pay tribute to the Bowie produced solo-Pop classics. Wisely they stay away from expectations of a straight rock record and its these left turns that keep it interesting and make you want to listen again.

If this really is his last record,as Pop has suggested, it’s great to see him go out on a note worthy of his career.

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