Holy rolling rambling bard Frank Hurricane aka HURRICANES OF LOVE returns from his endless travels to share 24 inches of vinyl goodness full of spiritual vibes and hysterical stories. For several years now, Frank has criss-crossed the country, playing his homespun folk blues for all that will listen with open ears. After several small-run cassette dubs, he returns to vinyl format for QUINTRONIAN BLUES, a double LP that sounds more clear and crisp than previous releases, but still captures his raw rumbling spirit. The record, like the man, is full of unusual juxtapositions which embody the contradictory beauty of life’s myriad experiences.

Like all great storytellers, Frank’s fantastic tales of life on the road toe the line between embellishment and pure fiction, blurring them beyond distinction or relevancy. Wild epicurean tales of late night forest excursions, chuggin brewskis and puffing pounds flow seamlessly with moving full finger-pickling acoustic guitar odes. Allusions to extra terrestrials and potential serial killers come off somehow both absurd and more real than daily existence. ‘Holy Story,’ an extended account of a national tour gone awry which occupies the entirety of side C, stands out for its pairing of the ecstatic positive and despressingly dark. Frank’s irresistable, fun-loving personality shines through it all, shaping each story in a fundamentally optimistic light – he finds beauty in the backwaters. Although nothing can compare to his soul-moving live performances, this record succeeds in communicating the intimacy and ease of this dude’s presences. Frank’s heartfelt lesson shine’s through – whatever happens, it’s always OFF THE CHAIN.

You can pick up the new record from Northampton’s own FEEDING TUBE RECORDS.

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