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HSFB is a new solo project by Max from Hudson, NY’s Crazed, that utilizes homemade synths and has created an expansive, experimental noise sound. The debut HSFB tape is also the first non-Limbs Bin release on Follow Me Into The Laser Eye. Sonic environments range from drone to industrial to straight-up noise, creating a highly textured sound that never becomes claustrophobic. The strength of the eight tracks, although it often feels like one continuous piece, are their use of negative space. Quite moments of reverberating echo become as powerful in their spaciousness as peaky blasts of feedback. This tact however never falls into the trap of the peak-lull-peak format as too many noise artists do, but instead serves as a process of growing. A growing minimalism, if you will, where sounds slowly shift over long stretches until you reach a point where the song has become something wholly different from what it started as, resulting in a highly immersive experience. In this regard, HSFB feels more akin to Philip Glass’ Music In Similar Motion than it does to the majority of its peers. The one contemporary artist that really does feel like a kindred spirit to HSFB, however, is TRTRKMMR, who released a solid LP last year for Iron Lung Records. The major difference between these acts, beyond the higher mix and much harsher tonal qualities of TRTRKMMER, being the willingness for HSFB to embrace the ethereal as well as the harsh. If that sounds like something you’re interested in and you want to purchase a copy of the tape, email [email protected] for all inquiries.

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