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OPEN LOOP boss Will Mayo (aka DJ WON’T) is an undeniable force of nature upon the landscape of Boston area underground sound. These days this is especially true as pertains to the world of underground electronic sounds (he is resident DJ and co-booker of the monthly SCANNERS night among other things). Musically he’s gone by different names at different times, but for the last long stretch his HOMEWORLD moniker seems to have managed to get stuck to the Lower Allston denizen. Correspondingly, Mayo’s sets have blossomed fully into real experiences that he has as-of-yet resisted to truly document. But in the live setting, if you are able to catch him there, minds all around you (and maybe even yours) exist in real danger of being blown.

Plugging into the HASSLE FEST 6 matrix via (11/7) Night One’s FEST EXTENSION @ Smokey Bear Cave, HOMEWORLD definitely stretched states of consciousness. A two piece (for the night @ least), Mayo was joined by guitarist Chris Johnson. Luckily for all of us, especially those that were not packed into the sweaty basement that nurtured and housed these sounds, HOMEWORLD has let loose with a document of part of their HASSLE FEST 6 set. Calling it LIVE @ SBC (Part 1), the 13 minute excerpt gives a clear picture of the excitement that I was earlier conveying about this music. Very rhythmic. A strangely fluid funk. The pair conjures plenty of German electronic memories, all filtered through a waterfall of experimental electronic music that’s come since. Noisy AND beautiful, ambient and rhythmically compelling. Hopefully, there will be a part 2 from this set soon. And somebody should really put out something by HOMEWORLD. It is time.

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