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Homebody/Heaven for Real — Split 7″


Euth Coast Records recently released a split EP featuring two of the label’s artists, Homebody and Heaven for Real. Though the record contains a mere two tracks, it’s worth listening to. Homebody’s weird jangle pop number, “Vestigial Organ,” paired with the art-rock gem “O So Tired” from Heaven for Real, is the perfect juxtaposition of two complementary styles of songwriting.

Tension and sharp fret noise mark “Vestigial Organ” in its first half. The song has an experimental feel, with dissonant guitar melodies and tons of reverb. The vocals, quite muddied up and near incomprehensible in their delivery, float along atop the guitar noise to add to the chaotic effect. Mid-way through though, the song takes a tangent into a more coherent realm. With a fantastically off-kilter transitional riff and tasteful high hat clicks, the song gathers up all the excess energy that was spilling over in its first half and channels it into a driving outro section.

This flows well into “O So Tired,” which initially goes for a calmer groove than the first track. With a more conventional style, the choruses of the song feature some sweet vocal harmonies as well as dynamic bass lines to thicken up the sound. Alluding to the energetic chaos of the Homebody track, “O So Tired” is a little frayed around the ends, with moments of helter-skelter guitar noise to break up the structure. In fact, the song is somewhat of a mirror image of its preceding track, starting out together and falling apart into more carefree vibe by the end.

The short release is a great representation of these two underground bands; you can find it for an incredibly generous price on bandcamp. However, if you opt to buy a physical copy, you’ll also get your hands on the cool artwork, made by the band members themselves.

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