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No one, and I mean no one, makes experimental glam-punk/power-pop like HOME BLITZ’s Daniel Dimaggio. He is the Joe Dimaggio of experimental glam-punk/power-pop. (I’m sorry about that last sentence. It doesn’t actually mean a goddamn thing.)

HOME BLITZ though. Just wow. What a great band. And Dimaggio? He’s just an incredible songwriter. Album after album of some of the strangest power-pop I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. Great live show.

The band is just a serious outlier. On the left the droves of rockers, most of them “garage-rockers,” just killing the souls of their guitars with every disgusting barre chord. On the right the world of weirder pop, all those idiosyncratic songwriters milling about, probably too much chorus on everything, maybe some swaying, fun harder to find.

And then we have HOME BLITZ. Classic power-pop and glammy punk shown through a very strange prism. Very strange indeed. On the band’s latest record, FOREMOST & FAIR, things are as strange as ever. Experimentally noisy tracks (“The Hall”) collide with BIG STAR-ish power-pop ballads, collide with harpsichord-driven shanties that do not suck (“Tell Me There”), collide with absolutely perfectly strange power-pop (“Cutting The Cross”) that sound like the REAL KIDS fronted by a breathy, lispy, and extra-verbose rebel. And dig those guitars. This record hits so many right notes that I come away from it feeling as if it’s already classic. And maybe it is. I have just listened to “Cutting The Cross” for like the 20th time in the last hour.

An amazing songwriter and band have made their best record. Listen and celebrate. Bostonians, one can only hope we can get the BLITZ to our ’burg far sooner than later. Out now on the stellar and dependable RICHIE RECORDS. Oh-oh.

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