Having lived with Brit housemates a few times over the years, hearing the music they were into, I totally get how the UK could have fallen in love with this Boston band MAGIC MAGIC back in 2008. But rather than follow the money, these Dedham kids followed their real dream instead, to make the music they love. Now it’s some years on, and the core of that band has reformed with HOLIDAY MUSIC as their moniker. They’re still making really interesting tunes, and I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t get plenty of love from Englands old and new especially with this new album ATLANTIS. ‘I’m Afraid To Be Lost’ starts it all off in a 90’s alternative low-key style followed by standout track ‘Begin To Say Goodbye’ which has something of the pop-savvy experimentation typical of any number of UK hitsters (Keane, Pulp, etc..).

There are several tracks here which have that Bond-movie-soundtrack feel such as ‘Fright’ and ‘Atlantis’. Others have good summertime-driving potential such as ‘The 39 Steps’, with off-kilter bossanovine rhythm and swelling synthtones. ‘Before We Start To Say Goodbye’ keeps it low-fi and features clever use of lasertronic video-game sounds. Overall, piano composition seems to be the foundation for many of HM’s tunes (i.e final track ‘(Holiday Music)’) often augmented by with quirky synthwork on top. There is rarely overcrowding by competing guitar lines and one easily hears the lyrics. Basically, it’s laid back music for bobbing along to, just like good pop ought to be.

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