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Experienced strange and psychedelic electronic music explorer HIGH WOLF has once again given us the means by which to go and get lost. The murky, stuttering, and layered depths of this intentionally aloof French electronic conjurer are ripe for multiple explorations. What you will find in each loop, sample, and synth filled pocket is your own discovery, if you can manage to keep your head up for long enough. With past releases out on laudable and disparate labels like NOT NOT FUN and HOLY MOUNTAIN you can begin to understand this music as the synthesis that it is. It’s the new kind of world music, of the world, the one world, the only world we know, earth world. Exploratory electronic elements, psychedelia, and dance music components are consumed by HIGH WOLF and regurgitated as a new whole experience, an experience that he has spread around earth world rather prolifically via a multitude of labels.

And the latest HIGH WOLF transmission comes courtesy of the high minded French label SHELTER PRESS (who released a KFW recording earlier this year). FREEDOM OR DEATH is a monster of a thing. Two unwieldy 16+ minute tracks of garbled, “tropical psych” assassinating, electronic agitation. The troubled bubbles that have escaped from the aging genre filled miasma. The nightmare I had at 12 when the Funspot arcade was eating me. This music is alive and frothing and wanting you to jump into to its improvised unholiness. Take the journey of each track. Guitars that sound like synthesizers, techno that survived the nuclear meltdown, and lost and scared pleasant melodies are a few of the signposts you will come across. Hopefully we will get another glimpse of HIGH WOLF here in Boston before too long goes by. Demented great fun for today’s demented havers of fun.

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