High Spirits — Soft Pulsars


Portland, Maine’s High Spirits are very likely to put you in some on their jangle pop EP, “Soft Pulsars.” Released in June of last year, it contains seven pure, unadulterated, bedroom anthems best enjoyed outside in a summer haze. Consider the beach, examine the salty breeze, a secluded area of a park under a tree, your partner’s sleepy head on your lap, on top of a roof (a slight case of vertigo) — these are all acceptable venues for listening to this music. You’re probably high, but you don’t need to be in order to enjoy this spacey odyssey.

The first track, “Deep Egypt,” glides in with a chorus of ghosts and returns for a brief 29-second interval on the last track, renamed “Easter Island.” Eerie! Mystery and trembling fuzz surround the rest of the tracks as well, the vocals are pretty much limited to a few stanzas, (“Dark Matter”) and a found sound recording on “How the Androids Dance.” Listeners will feel as if they’ve entered a soundscape in the shape of a house in the middle of nowhere and will be slow to find a path back to civilization. When the EP does stop though, and you’ve finally returned home — toss a fiver towards their Bandcamp page.

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