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Heron Oblivion – Heron Oblivion


Heron Oblivion’s eponymous debut, currently out on Sub Pop records, is the most delicious psych rock album I’ve heard in some time. Sinister, hypnotic rhythms, icy female vocals, tranquil, circling guitars periodically erupting into feedback-drenched sonic freak outs, it’s pure ear candy for people who are into that stuff.

Technically they’re a supergroup, comprised of members of Espers, Comets on Fire, and Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound, all bands that can be described as ‘psychedelic’, ranging from the folky pastoral side of things to the noisy and garage-y. While most supergroup albums tend to be impressive and full of ideas, but ultimately too unfocused to really stick with the listener, there’s something about this one that keeps me listening, that makes me want to dig deeper.

Part of that is the little things. According to interviews with the band the songs came together slowly after countless hours of jamming, and they have such an organic, ‘lived-in’ quality to them. The music isn’t terribly complex, but every detail just feels right, every unhinged guitar solo, every pounding bass riff, every unexpected vocal harmony.

And about those vocals, oh man. Drummer/vocalist Meg Baird is an expert at channeling the intoxicating bleakness of traditional English folk, and that vibe comes through in her melodies and the quiet intensity of her singing. It lends the whole thing a sense of mystery and emotional weight far beyond your average throwback psych record.

In short, definitely worth checking out. So much goodness!

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