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HENRY PLOTNICK is 11 years old. He’s just released a record on HOLY MOUNTAIN, a double LP, that features 9 recordings of looped and layered minimalistic piano and synth patterns. Names like CLUSTER, and TERRY RILEY, and BRIAN ENO are getting thrown around in comparison to Plotnick’s compositions. And while those are lofty comparisons all, they are not off point. And it would make sense for a person so young to have spent a good deal of time with the masters in order to be able to make music as beautiful, and intoxicating as this music is. PLOTNICK’s early emergence surely indicates the times we live in, times in which all information is available to everyone, of any age. To be able to concoct this kind of vibrant layered music also indicates that there is clearly something special and interesting about the sonic craftsman behind it. And that’s what we are left with. HENRY PLOTNICK. 11. Making beautiful music. His debut record, FIELDS, has been released by HOLY MOUNTAIN. What next? The above video comes from a very recent performance by Plotnick @ SF MOMA.

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