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One of the bands walking the North American continent bent on fusing together the different strains of punk and power pop that have come before them. Posi head nods for that alone, but then they go and don’t suck throughout the process, and I can add a smile to my reaction to HEAVY TIMES. Chicago (see you on the 10th w/ my band AYKROYD) dudes who supposedly broke up, but now obviously haven’t, have arrived with their third record FIX IT ALONE. We last checked in with this band a few years back, and it’s clear that since then they’ve been honing their sound, refining the pop aspects of a decidedly slop rock approach. HOZAC RECORDS does the honors here in a union that makes sense, and has borne previous records. These guys are definitely in line with the Aussie punk pop of the now, so check in if you are or have been a fiend for that foreign underground pop power and could use some domestic vinyl product. FIX IT ALONE is, as I’ve alluded to, the most direct pop statement that I’ve heard these guys make yet. “Might Not” has a none too covert PIXIES gone punker vibe that I’m all about. “In My Sleep” employs a similar rough and tough punk approach that eventually saddles back into that punk meets surf guitar sound that yes, PIXIES were so good at. If you like your punk pop with a lot of attitudinal gravy, here it is. I also just listened to a new PIXIES track, and HEAVY TIMES new record makes that song sound like a joke (which it is). Of course that’s not saying too much, but I figured I’d throw it in there.

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