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What we have here is something that truly should appeal to the masses…a timeless work of video art featuring a cornucopia of old folks clumsily tumbling around, the kinds of clips that Bob Saget would have really loved to rag on during an episode of AFHV. To put it simply, if you’re having a bad day and watching people fall brings tears of joy to your eyes, this video is for you. True to its’ namesake, the whole second half of the video is a “Gravity Reverse” of the first half. Just when you start to feel slightly guilty for laughing at grandma and grandpa’s perils, ZAP!!! they’re all on their feet again. (Video by BUCK BILOXI)

I guess I should talk about the song too, HEAVY LIDS are a cast of characters from New Orleans who sound kind of like a rapey swampy version of THE SPITS on too many drugs. Monotone punk, YES! “Gravity Reverse” is from their 7″ release on PELICAN POW WOW. This shit starts off with a “voices in your head” style intro and before you know it you’re mainlining synth, that drumbeat is pounding a little too close to your brain, and wait those voices are back, prepare to feel more insane than you already do.

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