Heart of the Epitaph – Never Really Alone (EP)

Detailing a strange evening



The license plate of the hearse was 111. The perfected form, unity,

on the king’s scale. I doubt certain things are coincidence. I was

startled by a summons at 2 AM. The magic hour. A Sister had passed.

I remain on the grounds throughout the night. I never venture into

the structures. Tonight was different. I received the call request-

ing I accompany an Operator to locate a friend of the deceased. As

I have mentioned, I have never entered the structures, but tonight

I was to conduct events.

The Operator sat patiently as I contacted the entities within thr-

ough the Ghost Box. I was presented with names and protocols. Slo-

wly, as I invented chaos and confusion, I realized what was happe-

ning. The structures are unable to communicate with one another. I

was to act as Bridge.

Compartments. “Learn all the names involved.” There were several.

I communicated the first name we were granted admittance. The ne-

xt round of confusion. “Find the name.” The Operator spoke brief-

ly with the entities. The entities departed. “This way.”

We walked through corridors. Past a grand piano and walls covere-

d in paintings. All was silent and still. It was the magic hour,

after all, and the world was asleep. Down one corridor. Right. D-

own another corridor that connected to several other corridors w-

hich connected to several others. Left. “Here.”

The Operator pointed to a sheet of paper on the wall. “That is t-

he name.” Remember the names. So far there were four. The Operat-

or. The Sister. The Sister’s friend. And the Coordinator. We had

traveled through this maze to find the name of the Coordinator.

We retraced our steps back to the entrance of the structure. Here,

we called the entities through the Ghost Box again. I told them t-

he name. The transmission ended. I could hear voices approaching.

An entity arrived and passed the Ghost Box to the Operator. She s-

poke with the Coordinator. “14. 114.”

14. 114. 114. That is the room number of the Sister’s friend. “I

need to get the Key,” the entity said, taking the Ghost Box into

it’s hands and ascending a set of stairs. The Operator smiled. I

smiled. “Thank you!” We hugged.

“You know, I wasn’t able to sleep tonight. I’m always asleep by 9

but tonight I couldn’t. I went to bed at 11 30. I got the call at

12 00. I knew something was going to happen.”

“I’m glad we were able to find her.” Just then the entity descen-

ded the stairs holding the Key. “Do you need me to go with you or

may I leave?” I asked.

“You can go. Thank you.” The Operator smiled. She looked at the

entity, still smiling, and asked, “Will you bring me to room 114?”

The entity nodded and they walked away toward the maze of corri-

dors. I went outside.

The cold air burned my skin.

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