$hayBand$: The Diamond Child


$hayBand$, a talented 20-year-old artist, rapper and lyricist hailing from Roxbury, has lived up to the title of “First Lady!” She has managed to stand out and shine in a predominantly male industry. This makes the name of her first album, The Diamond Child, that dropped on July 16th, a perfect reflection of  herself. 

$hayBand$, who is in her first year of releasing with Shooterz Muzik, is a perfect addition to their team with her unique ability to create amazing music that can go from one extreme to another, like soft and slow,  R&B to upbeat, proving just how creative and talented she really is as an artist.

She has integrated very well with her Shooterz Muzik  brothers, her undeniable devotion to the team, and to their music, which helps us to see why and how Shooterz Muzik is the leading organization that is working to help  many artists who come from some of the most intense areas of the city. This is  helped them in becoming the most compelling street movement in the entire city  while creating amazing music and keeping their eyes open for new talent. 

$hayBand$ inspiration for her album comes from real-life decisions and  situations that she has made and encountered during her lifetime. It is also a  reflection of how she views herself. She uses this along with her raw feelings and  emotions as fuel for her creative fire. $hayBand$’ combination of emotions and  life learned lessons has been the perfect recipe for creating meaningful, heartfelt  music that anyone can relate to. 

All of the songs on her album are amazing but one of my favorites is,  “Distant.” I love the lyrics because they make me feel empowered, like I’m taking  myself back. Taking control of my life and being okay with taking a minute away from everybody and life situations to find who I used to be again. Sometimes known as: “Get Off Me!”  

$hayBand$ future is looking very bright; she is working towards finishing up her next two projects as well as putting out more and better content as far as visuals and live interactions. She also aims to unify and put on for the young upcoming female artists in Boston and surrounding areas. Expect big things sooner than later.

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