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A little binger to brighten up your day


“Happy as a clown

Yet they can’t see beyond

You must make them laugh

They’ve paid for their ticket

It’s on them somewhere

Or at least a torn half

Saddened soul who plays

Everyone’s jester

Deep in the hole

They can’t see you fester

Children cry out

Sensing your pain

The others still laugh

It makes me insane

Happy the clown

Who walks a thin line

Could kill your smile

Like he did mine

They stole his name

To be used in vain

Now happy as a clown

Must live with the pain

So they pray and beg

Expecting their share

He knows he must please

He cries wishing they’d care

Happy the clown

Come into my arms

I’ll protect you with love

I’ve been where you are

And we will all rise above”

This album was originally released in 2002 by Happy The Clown. Always scouring the new release section of Bandcamp, the author found this album newly uploaded to bandcamp, and decided to write it up.

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