Sneering punks from Providence GYMSHORTS have a lot to say and say most all of it on their first full length album “No Backsies!”. The band is a massive whirlwind of energy, the album blasting with heavy, grungy sound from start to finish. There are layers and layers of fuzzy guitar, adding in over each other, making the enormous sound even bigger and more dynamic. Angry solos tear through the background of nearly every song, giving a unique twist to the wall of fuzzed punk sound. Adding to the force is the unforgiving, strong vocals by singer/guitarist Sarah, which delivers an endless supply of power and personality.  The band is as loud as their love of capitalization would lead you to believe, and the whole album is a party of noisiness and distortion. But it also has some lighter surf punk vibes, and the band uses a variety of thumping tempos on songs like “OH BROTHER” to create different tones in their punk sound.  GYMSHORTS have managed to perfectly capture the spirit of loud and young rebellion, owning their own brand of loose, grungy straight-out-of- the-garage rock that does not need to be polished off.

“No Backsies!” is out now and you can get a digital copy or grab a cassette from Wiener Records, or find them at a show soon.

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