So… I have pieced together part of this tale:
Two New Year’s ago GUERILLA TOSS jammed at Mark Fede’s boss recording situation (now relocated slightly) in Allston (minus bassist Ian Kovac). The session was recorded to 8 track and then nothing happened with it. Wes Kaplan (THE CHANNELS, THE CRATERS, AYKROYD) heard about it, and then started asking about stems, and then sporadically spent a couple months cutting it up and making new tracks out of it. Every drum hit/guitar scronk is sliced and resequenced, so in a way it’s like hip hop production (or musique concrete). Mcnugget. This is what happens when you ooze gnarly funk as GUERILLA TOSS surely does. The odds and sods resurface, and in this age of ours, resurfacing is definitely not enough. Re-purposing must also come into play. Apparently Wes has gone at a whole bunch of tracks from this same abandoned session in a similar manner. This is the only one that seems to exist in a public place, finding it as I did on THE CRATERS soundcloud. If you like GUERILLA TOSS you can get into Wes’ resplicing here. Why the fuck not?

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