Guerilla Toss – “Perfume”


Your all-time favorites Guerilla Toss are back at it again. Their latest LP, Eraser Stargazer, released in March, is sure to quicken the heart and penetrate the senses. One that is sure to be a classic in GTOSS’s repertoire is the completely danceable, funky-fresh, Bad Mamma Jamma of four minutes and twenty five seconds, entitled “Perfume.”  Vocalist Kassie Carlson holds down the fort amongst a cacophony of sound, chanting : “It could be like, it could be like/a perfume/after an idea is/absent/You could find it, you could find it/lazily/Like an aura, like an aura/that has stayed too long.” This song is a journey, an investigation of the intangible and the video for “Perfume,” is no exception.

We begin in the woods, alone with a blinking, flashing, human-like blob. We want to know more so we follow it through trees, a pink and purple shoreline and congested, digital spaces. Sometimes the blob’s movements are fluid and graceful like a sheeted ghost, other times it seems to dance to and fro like the Michelin Man.  A few questions spring to mind regarding whether or not the blob is actually two separate entities or just one constantly changing form. Are they summoning each other through some sort of pixelated vision quest or is this one evolving being beckoning us? Both? None of the above?

Will Mayo, Alex Miklowski, and LSDV (Joe Mygan and Pat Chaney, with help from Kevin Butwill) are the crack team behind this one. Like a magazine collaged, dipped in acid, and put through the shredder you’ll want to watch it a couple of times and maybe project it onto the wall and start your own interstellar dance party. Enjoy the Xena-like yodeling from the comfort of your own bedroom. Watch, listen, repeat.

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