GUERILLA TOSS – ‘Drip Decay’ (live)


Walking around I noticed more setup activity than usual for a show. Turns out Casey Herz had gotten it into his fertile mind to make a 5-camera multi-audio recording of GUERILLA TOSS live. Whipping out my little Tascam, I jumped into the fray.

Read around and you will find plenty of music journalists posit how the GT live show experience is transcendent and hard to capture in a recording. Its audacious, really, to try and scrape that glistening mania from the furnace wall of a demented Guerilla Tossed pit. And yet, here it is, in all it’s throbbing, yellowstruck, 60’s-style split-screen glory. Debuting just yesterday on Stereogum, this will be the first, as I understand, of several to come from that set. Thanks for going the extra mile Casey. GT-Fiends everywhere appreciate!

Post Script. This is not the first video implementation for ‘Drip Decay’. Here is an earlier one from GT drummer Peter Negroponte. There’s just something about Guerilla Toss that demands seizure-inducing visuals it seems.

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