GUERILLA TOSS – “Pink Elephant”


Guess who is getting mad press these days?? That would be the one and only GUERILLA TOSS. And when bands get hyped like these five are currently, and when said bands skirt the line between pop moves and experimental sounds like GTOSS surely does more than ever on the new GAY DISCO (NNA TAPES), you know what happens? The haters come out. It’s a natural fact. Catch me at a show sometime and we’ll discuss. No haters around here though. When a band can be this fun, and sound as exhilaratingly wild, off-kilter, and strange as they do then I feel sorry for those that can’t or don’t want to like it. “Pink Elephant” from GAY DISCO now has a video, but if you’re looking for some people you know, or places you’ve been to then you’ll be disappointed. Directed by an entity named Heat Wilson (who I’m pretty sure Zach Phillips lives inside of) it’s a grainy, ancient 80s text scroll about Hondas with some ambient background video imagery that is fitting enough for the “urban noise rock” that this band conjures. How badass is Pete Negroponte’s beat in this song?

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