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In the darkest corners of the club, there is always a light. Group Rhoda has managed to show just where that playful touch exists, making our bodies move while sensitively brushing up against the mystery. The San Franciscan known as Maria Barenbaum is following up her excellent 2012 release, Out of Mind, Out of Touch, with a new one for Not Not Fun. Our first taste from 12th House brings us right back to the smoke and mirrors of Out of Mind, but with a more confident edge. Barenbaum brings the hypnotic, Autobahn-esque rhythm and light, Lynchian arpeggiations right in to “Day Ruiner.” Her cooing, melodic vocals remain, but double-tracked and stronger than before, holding within them a wealth of emotional content. 12th House is out October 15th; ruin every day until then with the stream below.

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