Greylock – Trembling in a Hospital Gown


The Boston heavy music scene is alive and thriving! Local heavy duo Greylock has been steadily chugging along putting out some great music for a few years now and have just dropped some more desolate sludge. “Trembling in a Hospital Gown” is a tight four song ripper fraught with some HEAVY riffs. The twosome has been picking up steam recently, playing a lot of local shows and getting the word out. Don’t let them pass you by.

“Trembling in a Hospital Gown” plays like watching a live set. The songs are tight, the pacing is on point, and they don’t let up. The songs are heavy (to be expected) and the recording gives depth to the music that shows attention to detail, feeling absolutely forlorn and airy. It gives the impression of standing right in the perfect spot at that secret DIY show in the cavern. Out of the gates, the EP creates a sense of urgency and panic. It feels like a manic exploration of doom and gloom. The last song “Crisis Rejection” gets major points for having the gall to open with a ring modulator on the guitar and heaps of praise for absolutely nailing it. Check this shit out, its bleak!

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