Well, well, well, another damn noise collaboration between two face-melting musicians? I mean, its not entirely novel, but hell, I’ll take it over the new Ellie Goulding. Just kidding. This record rules. Here’s some background. Greg Kelley blows the trumpet in Nmperign and has played with pretty much everybody (Jandek, Keiji Haino, Kevin Drumm, your mom). Jason Lescalleet plays in the one-man Jason Lescalleet band and has also collaborated with your mom, your dad, Drumm, Aaron Dilloway, and a million other people. Both of these musicians represent the fantastic New England noise scene with strength and vigor and we love them for it.

So, Lescalleet and Kelley went off and made this record, right? I told you earlier – it rules. It’s called Conversations and its out on Glistening Examples now. The tracks recorded in Maine (at Lescalleet’s studio, no less) are on the approachable side of drone – more serene and lovely than most of what we hear from these musicians, they exhibit a perfect pairing of Lescalleet’s tape manipulations and Kelley’s unique trumpet style. “Intercourse” is a whole nother monster though: taken down live on a two-track tape machine, the track forwards a harsh drift that is molded consciously by both musicians, seering, sneering, and gasping for any opening. “Intercourse” climaxes (ha!) with a wall of noise that could bring down Jericho. Stream (almost) the whole thing below.

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