In the fantastic world of Brattleboro VT’s GREAT VALLEY evolution runs from mammal to lizard. Only now have acheologists uncovered the traces of the strange creatures which inhabited the primeval jungle which later became home to Feudal Lizard Society. While it’s not clear exactly what these creatures looked like, recordings of their music (as we find on ’Jaws Of Evil’ the lost second album of GV) reveal distinct catlike sounds, like space cats or interdimensional space cats, in a groovy jungle. Take tracks 1, 5, 7 and 8 (‘Junglejoy’,’Lovebugs’, ‘U Can’t Kill Me’ and ‘Bloody Shirt’) for example, each sporting classic 50’s pop style and caterwauling with Muppety abandon. Psychedelic ceremony is also evident as tracks 2, 3, 9 and 10 (‘Valentine’s Animals’, ‘Night Vision’, ‘Baby Don’t Like It’ and ‘Jaws Of Evil’) make clear via tribal rhythm with dark trippy overtones. Oddest of all is the strange case of track 11 (‘In White Gloves’) which prefigures Belinda Carlisle’s ‘Heaven Is A Place On Earth’ by some interdimensional twist of time that has somehow infused it with a rock-steady Ska Beat.

Bittersweet album closer ‘Ugly Animals’ simply begs for visual treatment and would make a great music video project for somebody. As it happens, simultaneous drummer/keyboardist Joseph Miller-Gamble is a videographer of the old VHS school and has already made one for track 6 ‘Heart Of Vines’ (see below). This video has the analog-mux feel of early psychedelic experimental videos overlain with hovering doodle-art graphics of the modern variety. It’s all perfect for GV. Despite its monicker, ‘Jaws Of Evil’ is playful music. Sure there are dark themes at work, but you always detect the spirit of fun which emanates from Peter and Joe whenever they play, ideally at a venue near you soon. Meow!

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