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Granny Frost — Blown Cleen


Bolder and more focused on his most recent release, noise/rap/rock/spoken word enthusiast Granny Frost, AKA Goon Davis, makes Blown Cleen, the mutant offspring of Soronprfbs and that fuzzy interference old televisions make when near a cell phone. It’s probably the most punk sounding album Frost has ever made. Lyrically on-point and with a tight backing band, his powers are growing. The majority of the songs on the eight-track album are considerably short but with lyrics like, “…nicely done, spank the pink butt fat guy,” you’re not likely to forget them. Nor will you the man himself. If you see a pale, skinny, bespectacled man rapping on behalf of the very grime he’s standing on, out in some abandoned canal, don’t be alarmed — it’s just Granny spitting out some new material.

Frost also experiments with sound collages and beat-boxing, claiming on “Phantasma Gloria,” that he’s “saving (my) bad dreams for you.” A Disney movie about a mermaid makes an appearance, as do altered voices screaming about fireworks observed in the darkest of summer nights. At approximately six minutes, vignettes have materialized into a solid and strange story. This is definitely an album meant to delve into the listener’s dreams and/or nightmares.

Blown Cleen can be found exclusively on Frost’s Bandcamp and is completely free to download. So, what are you waiting for?

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