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Gracie Jackson is no stranger to the Boston underground music scene. Jackson was one-third of the local gothic garage-pop phenom Fat Creeps until they decided to go their separate ways and pursue individual musical identities. Gracie is Gracie Jackson’s solo project, but it is also a full band, compiled of former Fat Creeps drummer Travis Hagan, longtime Gracie collaborator Erik Fosse, and Mike Geacone of another notable Boston band, Kal Marks. Gracie chose their name because Gracie Jackson is the primary songwriter, and the simple name fits the music to a tee. Gracie has had one song, “Jesse” from October 2014, but this self-titled debut LP, Gracie, marks their first release. Many of the songs off the album have been recorded for a while, but Gracie wanted to wait until the time was right for a full length release, which is now.

Taking inspiration from the guitar greats, such as Neil Young, Gracie has created their own allure. Playing many shows in Boston, they have acquired a solemn live presence in a very enticing way. The music sounds heavy, similar to the Fat Creeps discography. The heaviness does not weight it down though, the brooding rock traps you. So smooth and raw, the vocals on it are very rich and drippy. It has a big sound, big like the big room of destruction Gracie is calmly standing in the middle of on the album’s cover. The themes of angst and despair are reminiscent of ’90s grunge, but more woodsy and eerie at times. She exhibits a fresh meld of trepid nostalgia, like when she coos “Things get heavy/you lose sight/what was once so dreamy keeps you up at night” on “Youth Is a Fire”.  She seamlessly blends hopefulness and a hallow darkness. It is a soft-pop, but also downright guitar rock. You can find the cassette out now on BUFU Records or digitally online from Ghost Ramp Records. 

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