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As dusk descends upon our strange city, and humid vapors rise from the sun-baked ground, dark beings shall rise with them, shadowy figures with coal in their hearts and cold rage coursing through their veins. This demonic horde with converge upon Allston’s most haunted mansion, Gilbert Godfries abandoned abode, to be part of a late night seance of tense, distraught, destructive Rock & Roll. BEES/// and 100% BLACK, the evening’s guest of honor, carry with them from Binghampton, NY a heavy burden of raw, visceral tunes, forged by suffering and hardened by pain, which they intend to unload upon us huddled masses in large, pounding doses. Bees/// get more energetic and scuzzy, while 100% Black are, well, dark and gloomy, but these touring pals, with their tumbling tempos and earnest approach, certainly know how to capture your undying attention. They are complimented by the presence of some of Boston’s best raucous groovers. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS are a force to be reckoned with, ripping apart all semblance of order and logic in an intense downpour of pure, gripping rock. TRACH dole out their alt-rock songs in smooth, rounded tones that are gradually pulled and contorted into distressed jumble of anxious energy that quickly unwind in fits of furious riffs and off-kilter grooves. Lowell’s MASINGO makes a welcome addition of jangled crashing dance-thrash fun to complete this very ill lil lineup. This show fills us with ominous foreboding, and if you feel the same, get on down to GG’s and let those manaical drums and demented guitars carry you away in that hysterical ecstacy your bleeding heart so desperately craves.

9pm All Ages Donate for gas $$$

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