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Oh boy do we have a good one for y’all tonight. Those readers who already recognize the bands listed above need no convincing to get psyched for this show, but for those among us who still require some encouragement, let us make something crystal clear: if you like raw, massive, deranged rock with a heavy psych tint, you straight NEED to be at the Butchershoppe in Allston tonight. This lineup is a veritable who’s who of Boston’s current underground scene. Western Mass grunge punks ZEBU! have been holding it down and thrashin around for many years now, and they will bring the trash dance energy. GUERILLA TOSS drop the deranged scuzz punk with a slice of noise. ROTTEN APPLES bring the psych folk fun with a post-punk flavor for maximum disturbed groove enjoyment. Baltimore bros WHOARFROST will pound your brain to a sloppy mush with their relentless riffs and hectic tempo changes. Make sure to be there early for NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS, one of the most exciting acts coming up this year. Theyve only played a handful of shows, but each one is louder, crazier and more tumultuous then the last, as they conjure wave after sonic wave to crash over our benumbed heads and electrify our bodies. So if you are intrigued by this weird musical stew brewing just below the surface of this fair city, this is a perfect opportunity to sample the goods. Open wide and let the good times in.

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