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GO TO: TONIGHT (4/28) One-Armed Mist, Triode, Hunnie Bunnies, and EXUSAMWA @ Wombat Zone


One of about a million amazing shows tonight, this doo-doo dumb fun show at Wombat Zone is winning the fight for show supremacy. One-Armed Mist is an unreal noise project, featuring every shrimps favorite homeboy Foam, Walter Wright, and Stephanie Lak. Uhhhh…Triode is awesome. I’m kickin myself for not peepin these dudes before, warm glitchy electronic improvisation, sure to please. Hunnie Bunnies and EXUSAMWA rule, and if you don’t know, you don’t know nothin about nothin. Amazing beat-driven bangers and a muddy, bloody stage show to boot, Hunnie Bunnies are beyond the beyond. Another one of the amazing Angela Sawyers insane projects, EXUSAMWA is the real deal holyfield; knee jerking post punk absurdness, played on ever changing instruments and always in mind blowing get-upz. Don’t be an L7, get down to this freak heaven.

Wombat Zone (EMAIL – morgan.[email protected] or [email protected] for directions)
Stay Highdrayted!

Bandwidth TV – Exusamwa from BandwidthTV CCTV on Vimeo.

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