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Some of the best (mostly punk)bands in the area play a weekend long benefit for the BOSTON AREA RAPE CRISIS CENTER. Awesome. See: Libyans, Ramming Speed, Scapegoat, Ampere, the Scamps, Brain Killer and tons more this weekend!

Smash it Dead Fest: A Benefit for BARCC

This weekend Mass Art, along with two show houses, will host Smash it Dead Fest, a three-day hardcore show to benefit the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center ( The festival kicks off Friday night at 7PM at Problem House and House of a Thousand Smiles, and moves to Mass Art on Saturday and Sunday from 2PM to midnight.
Over 40 punk, thrash, metal and hardcore bands are scheduled to play. along with workshops on Male Roles In Dismantling Patriarchy and Trans and Supporting Trauma Survivors, among others. Boston Anarchist Black Cross, Black and Pink, the Lucy Parsons Center, Papercut Zine Library and other radical organizations will be tabling. Admission is 2 – 20 dollars sliding scale. More details are at

Friday March 25th, Saturday March 26th, Sunday March 27th
S M A S H I T D E A D F E S T 2 0 1 1
To benefit BARCC (Boston Area Rape Crisis Center)

A 100% DIY fest of punk, raw punk, pop-punk, garage, d-beat, powerviolence, etc…
3 days, 6 workshops, 40 bands….1,000,000 punks!
All ages and all genders welcome.

-Libyans (MA)
-Delay (OH)
-New Creases (OH)
-Now Denial (MA)
-Ridgemont (MA)
-Spraynard (PA)

HOUSE OF 1,000 SMILES @ 7:00 PM
-Ramming Speed (MA)
-Choke Up (MA)
-Wurm Tongue (MA)
-The Inhalers (MA)
-Diastema (MA)

MASSART GYM @ 2:00 PM (DOORS @ 1:00 PM)

11:30 – Scapegoat (MA)
11:00 -Ampere (MA)
10:30 -Iron Chic (NY)
10:00 -The Credentials (MA)
9:30 -Big Eyes (NJ)
9:00 -Capital (NY)
8:30 -Death First (NY)
8:00 -Bloodkrow Butcher (MA)
7:30 -Perdition (NY)

6:30 -Supporting Trauma Survivors Workshop
5:30 -Self Defense Workshop

5:00 -Fuckheads (MA)
4:30 -Titfit (NY)
4:00 -Masochrist (PA)
3:30 -Curmudgeon (MA)
3:00 -Self-Conscious (PA)

1:30 PM -Consent Workshop

MASSART GYM @ 2:00 PM (DOORS @ 1:00 PM)

11:30 -Brain Killer (MA)
11:00 -Nomad (NY)
10:30 -Cervix (NY)
10:00 -Aspects Of War (MA)
9:30 -Unfun (Canada)
9:00 -The Scamps (MA)
8:30 -The Fagettes (MA)

7:30 -Transgender and Genderqueer 101 Workshop
6:30 -Male Roles in Dismantling Patriarchy Workshop

6:00 -Rations (NY)
5:30 -Dead Uncles (CT)
5:00 -Awful Man (MA)
4:30 -Like Bats (IL)
4:00 -Self-Conscious (PA)
3:30 -The Shrapnelles (CANADA)
3:00 -Unwelcome Guests (NY)

1:30 PM -Consent Workshop

Friday: two 5-band basement shows (to split up the crowd a bit and ease the burden off one individual house) within walking distance from each other.

Saturday & Sunday: 14-band all-day events, with organizations/distros tabling at a bigger (but still DIY, non-bar, all-ages) venue.

ALL of the money from this fest will be given to BARCC, minus a small amount of gas money for bands traveling long distances to play and to rent the main space (though most of the money for these expenses will be raised at some pre-fest benefit shows)


Rape and abuse are very triggering topics. They’re hard to talk about and hear. Please be prepared for very personal and intimate things to be said. If at any point you need to leave a workshop because it’s upsetting, feel free to get up.
That being said, all the workshop presenters have experience in these subjects. If you would like to talk to them about anything, please feel open to do so.

Furthermore, harassment, fucked up jokes and rude language won’t be permitted. PUNKS THAT TALK SHIT ARE JUST AS BAD AS WHAT PUNK IS SUPPOSED TO BE AGAINST.
Let’s take care of ourselves and each other?

Consent is permission or allowance, often given verbally to engage in any potentially upsetting act, or an act that is otherwise “intimate” or personal. We will explain consent and why it’s important to practice, as well as examine how our society overrides consent with fucked up and oppressive standards.

Supporting Trauma Survivors
This workshop will help us to understand how to help people who are survivors of abuse and rape. We’ll talk about things and actions that could help and heal as well as what could make situations worse, along with the legal aspects of these situations.

Trans and Genderqueer 101
We have grown up in a culture that has a gender binary- male and female. Through this workshop we will address that binary and those who don’t “fit in” to it. We’ll discuss what the terms “transgender” and “genderqueer” actually mean, along with gender neutral identities and pronoun usage.

Male Roles in Dismantling Patriarchy
Feminism is often times all too closed off to males trying to be allies to women. Feminism should not be exclusive but rather, open to anyone trying to help. We’ll discuss mutual aid and male privilege, and how men can help to dismantle patriarchy without dominating the issue.

Safety in the Streets: practical self defense
This self-defense workshop will show how we can effectively protect ourselves in various situations anf using anything from our bodies to bottles to keys, along with different approaches to self-defense.

Entry is pretty much like a regular DIY show, just more expensive. It is still sliding-scale and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. That said, please do your best to contribute what you can.
FRIDAY – $5 to $15 per basement show
SATURDAY – $12 to $20 to see 14 bands
SUNDAY – $12 to $20 to see 14 bands

For more information on the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, go to

And let me just say: rape is not a “women’s issue”, it is a men’s issue. Men commit rape (99% of rapes are perpetrated by men) and as men we need to be aware of our privilege and take steps toward eradicating sexism from our actions, our language, and our bonds with other men. Sexism leads to sexual violence. Whether we commit an act of sexual violence or not, our silence in the face of sexism makes us complicit. We all know that speaking up is daunting and difficult– but as allies of women, 1 in 6 of whom will be raped at some point in their lifetime (and that’s only the number that gets reported…think about all of the cases that go unreported)– we owe it to them and to ourselves to stick up for what’s right. Our privilege allows us to revert to apathy as our friends fall victim to unspeakable violence. We can look the other way, but they cannot. We can keep our mouths shut for fear of getting laughed at, for fear of our sexuality being questioned, for fear of being called weak, whipped, “pussy”, “fag”, etc…

But…if being punks really means something…we should attempt to be brave and speak our fucking minds once in awhile! So let’s get together for something positive and put our money where our collective mouth is.

almost all text by SMASH IT DEAD FEST

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