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>GO TO: GENE WEEN 3/19 @ Brighton Music Hall



The main, and extremely talented songwriter behind WEEN’s best tunes. He’s in Allston on saturday playing solo. Gene Ween is probably one of the greatest songwriters of the 90s and 00s, and if you are able to get into, and really listen to WEEN(despite their sophomoric and scatological tendencies) then you will agree. His songsmanship comes in forms so varied that Gene has to be considered a master of almost the complete breadth of popular music of the last 50 years(metal and rap being excepted thank god. perish the day.). This performance in Allston comes shortly after Gener had a (probably) drug (heroin) induced breakdown on stage in Seattle with WEEN. The rest of the band abandoned Gene for the last 40 minutes of the show. Gene finished the show (out of his mind) sitting on the stage mumbling and kind of playing WEEN songs on an acoustic guitar. There’s video. I saw the Gene Ween Band last year and it was great, basically expect a run through of future WEEN album tunes, and discards. But what will happen in Allston? No one knows except Gene. But what I do know is that one of the great songwriters of the past couple decades(the Mollusk, Chocolate and Cheese, Pure Guava, GodWeenSatan, Quebec) will be in town and I plan to be there!



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