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GLUE – S/T 7″


Glue is one of a few bands orbiting around a tight-knit constellation of acts ranging from hardcore to anarcho-punk in Austin; beyond sharing members with Blotter, Recide, Wiccans and the recent Sacred Bones signees Institute, they share a sense of vital savagery with their peers. The gutteral rhasp of their singer seems not just to emanate from the gorges of his throat but from the hateful depths of his psyche. It explodes against the bar chord guitar thrash of their songs in thorny bursts that sound like every utterance is lacerating his esophagus. This heedless destructive energy is a perfect continuation of the regional punk Katorga Works has been dedicated to putting out over the last couple years, a perfect match for Glue’s second batch of songs. This one especially exhibits the seething headspace that a first rate exercise in hardcore has the power to arouse. Grip it here.

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