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Bay Area duo of Gretchen Jude and Arjun Mendiratta (aka GLOU GLOU) are of the improvised electronic persuasion, engaging the listener via, among other approaches, “post-human improvisation”. Active since 2012, GLOU GLOU have just released their official debut HYMN HER HUM courtesy of FULL SPECTRUM RECORDS.

Two side long, extended improvisations (recorded in single takes) live on HYMN HER HUM. 50+ minutes of music in all. And the make of this music? The majority exists as drones, slightly wavering. This is minimal electronic music at its core, though there is quite a bit of movement throughout (often of a subtle nature). Roland SP404, koto, voice, laptop, and violin all appear over the course of the two sides, though the organic instruments may arrive heavily treated. I am most drawn in when glitching electronics are paired with droning rhythmic thrum providing for the most syncopated areas of the improvised landscape. In these moments the pair’s music sings, such passages emerging from the sea of the album’s whole as if a humpback leaping from its ocean world just to get that full body moment of sunshine. Delicious listening for this man’s ears. Subtle and extended electronic simplicity for creating headspace. Glad to find inspiring music that I can use for such.

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