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Gary Wrong Group/Wizzard Sleeve – “Halloween Violence”


Well, here I go running my mouth about New Orleans again. Just in time for Halloween, PELICAN POW WOW is releasing a split titled “HALLOWEEN VIOLENCE.” That right there should be enough to make you want to buy it. No? “HALLOWEEN VIOLENCE” contains a new song from GARY WRONG GROUP. Perfect haunted house/drug smoking/creeping around music, this song sounds a bit more paranoid than usual, and there is a lot of breaking glass in the background for some reason. Droning spooky psychy goodness! Also sounds like it could be music for the ghost castle in Super Mario. Still not sold? SIDE B IS WIZZARD SLEEVE, although intertwined with GARY WRONG GROUP, are still the creepiest and the strangest. This whole song is layered around a murky swampy synth sound that I can only describe as putrid.

This record is definite B movie horror soundtrack material here, appropriate for any scenes involving mass graves, drowning in wetlands, witchery, axe murderers, you name it. It would also be wonderful to play in one of those broken down haunted house rides you see at carnivals, you know the ones that most likely will give you whiplash. The next time I’m wandering around in the graveyards in Salem I will be sure to play this really loud on my iPhone.

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