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G. Gordon Gritty – “Scary Terry (Terry Rozier III)”

Gritty appears from local cave, shoots, scores!


One of Massachusetts’ resident creepy crawlers G. GORDON GRITTY hits a swish with this one. Sure it’s a sporto song, if you fall off now tho, it’s you’re loss cuzz. Mysteriously this track has me feeling like I’m hanging out with a lower fidelity Miles Davis in the early 70s. Bill Russell is there. He does not approve. This is endearing as F. It’s a nice little anthem for the rest of us who can’t dribble either, but yet also love the improbability of Rozier and the rest of the bunch. Where’d Gritty get those electronics from?? Tell us G.! Outsider Boston dun slimed ya! Video by Ethan Long.

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