Future Carnivores – Melt the Sky


A band labeled as indie pop always warrants a bit of skepticism. More often than not, bands in the genre blend together in an uninteresting, homogenized glob full of nondescript riffs, lackluster lyrics, and cringe-worthy clichés. Future Carnivores, an indie pop band from Cambridge, is not one of those bands. Don’t believe me? Take a listen to their latest album, Melt the Sky.

Future Carnivores transcend era, sound, and the modern confines of the genre. In the album’s title track, you’re given the best of contemporary indie sounds with a subdued, hypnotizing beginning that blossoms into a brilliantly powerful conclusion. Meanwhile, “She Goes On Existing” embraces the darker, progressive sound of ‘90’s pop and “Sensible Milestones” sends you barreling into the droney, but futuristic vibes of the late ‘80’s/early ‘90’s.

“Science Fiction, Baby” is perhaps the track that represents the entire album in terms of sound. It evokes an intense element of nostalgia with the jangly licks of early 2000’s indie dancefloor pop. Simultaneously, there are the deep and dependable vocals of Bo Barringer that break into moments of chaos and emotion that make you long for the days where Blur and Pavement graced your radio. It’s reminiscent but remarkably fresh—Future Carnivores take all the best possible sounds and musical styles and melds it into their own unique, catchy style.

Melt the Sky is rock ‘n’ roll without hopelessly trying to be. It’s pop without being disgustingly corny. In the end, it’s the indie pop album you never could have dreamt existed. But it does, and you have Future Carnivores to thank for it.

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