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No album to report on for FURCHICK. In fact almost nothing in the way of “official” sources of info for this Australian based experimental and DIY noisemaker out of Perth. Claire Pannell is a prolific music maker and artist who has lived in the US, and New Zealand as well, all the while collaborating with the likes of the Boston area’s GERARD COSLOY (HOMESTEAD RECORDS/ MATADOR RECORDS/ 12XU RECORDS etc.), and more recently with Florida’s trail blazing noise heros, LAUNDRY ROOM SQUELCHERS. Panell’s approach is sound art, culling her sounds from her everyday environment, musique concrète styleee, stating science to be inclusive in her sound. Her music deals heavily in electronics (it is especially sample based) and from this an industrial element to her sound can often be discerned. While noise is an apt term to describe parts, and indeed whole swaths, of FURCHICK’s sound it is not an ugly noise found here. From the FURCHICK soundcloud… “Pantyface” is a mostly drumless noise rock-ish experiment. More effective for me are the electronic based sound experiments, such as “The taxidermist” a roiling industrial beat creation, and “Musique Petit Singe” the most developed piece among those I’ve included here. 8+ minutes, and based around an unsettling foundation sample, things get hairy before cooling off into a valley-like middle section. A scuzzy white noise develops, peppered by more loops as the piece rattles toward its conclusion. This last track was recently included on the ELLES – WOMEN IN EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC comp released by SILLAGE INTEMPORAL. Claire is working on a sound score for Jukstapoz, a contemporary dance company based in Athens, Greece for premier in February 2014. I hope to run into you again down the line FURCHICK, I think the Boston experimental scene will welcome you with enthusiasm.

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