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Over in Lower Allston a queasy take on psych-pop and a heap of magic electronics are becoming intertwined, merging as their compounds break down in some dank pile of compost left behind by an old roommate. FUME HOOD (great name) is this dank pile. Over on the FUME HOOD soundcloud local artist (a veteran of the Boston Compass header art contingent) Nick Rocco is bringing together these influences. Low fidelity recordings that burst with energy and kooky, catchy melodies are all you will find. “Trapper Keeper” is the most infectious track of the bunch, a bouncy, jangling psych-pop nugget that you won’t be able to get out of your head. I believe the band to be in its very early stages, and in these very early stages I am finding experimentation in sound, song form, and instrumentation. The band is at this moment a bubbling fountain of creativity. New ideas lurking behind every track. “Lonsome Drifter” deletes the pop bombast of “Trapper Keeper” instead retreating inward amidst a flow of industrial flotsam and lonesome synth cry that would surely make some of those whales out in the Atlantic a little worried if they could hear it. “Sunscreen Kiosk” returns to psych-pop, but presents a more subdued song approach. This one comes across as more melancholy, and features some more great guitar playing and a mini synth line for good measure. And beyond all that there are other satisfying tracks to be found. FUME HOOD! Tell me, when will there be a release that I can hold in my hand (without bringing your soundcloud up on my phone).

FUME HOOD is playing the Boston Underground Summit 6, a round robin musical melee of the best new bands in the Boston area, put on by us here @ the Hassle. It take place this sunday 9/15 @ the Cambridge Elks Lodge in Central Sq. You should go.

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