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Deeply fantasmic and improbable as fuck. Alex Figueira, born in Venezuela and living in Amsterdam, has a studio in the back of his house and a tiny funk label in the recent tradition of Daptone. In 2008 he met two guys from Brighton UK, and put out their 45 under the name The Grits, gave it to Joel Stone of Tropicalia in Furs in NYC, and then the 4 of them started a band together (FUMACA PRETA). WAY heavier than your typical funk revival project, with husky, bristling fuzz, snaking drum rolls, creamy vintage organ, utterly wild echo, and even a Danish string quartet. So many effects, unusual drums, screwy moves and mixes of badass from various eras/geographies that SOUNDWAY is the only label that could have possibly issued this. Here’s hoping the black smoke only gets thicker.

Experience this writing, in person, everyday if you must, in conversation as opposed to colorful written word @ the AMAZING… WEIRDO RECORDS in Cambridge, MA. Angela is your MAJOR LEAGUE proprietress. Buy records from her. JEEZ. – Dan

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