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Programming trio Full Color will make you question your fashion choices on their second album “Sprawl,” released in January of last year. Entirely brash with a bass that won’t quit, “Sprawl” was made to fill that void that Cybergoths have felt since the ’90s. If pixels could talk, they would probably sound a lot like this. Arguably, you could say that they already do.

The first track of the album, “Well Oiled,” starts off with a bang! Assembling quotes from cult movie classic “Liquid Sky,”  and synths so heavy that industrial machinery couldn’t lift them, it’s a head trip best had sitting down. “All your costumes are just participation in some kind of phony theater. I’m only telling you this for your own good. It’s a freak show,” chides a voice through the sonic clutter. “Oh, are you trying to say that your blue jeans weren’t theater,” another quips back. People are always watching, consider the world around you and consider this song. Subversively seductive, vocalist Vince Chic, “…can’t wait to step on you,” which actually sounds like he can’t wait to “suck on you.” This only adds to the aesthetics.

“Sprawl” is a seven track album, with the shortest being just shy of four minutes, so prepare yourself for some solid listening. Available exclusively through their Bandcamp page, it’s an investment worth your time, ears, and five dollars.

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