Fucko – Dealing with The Weird


Not even a minute into Fucko’s latest album, Dealing with The Weird, you’re bluntly reminded that Reality’s a drag. But when you’re listening to Fucko, the reality is that you’re submerged completely into mind-blowing, face-melting Boston rock, and that is certainly not a drag.

The album starts off hot and heavy with dark undertones matched with demanding power in the instrumentation and strong female vocals, especially in opener, “Best Little Something in Somewhere.” It fuels an internal fire that you may have never known was ever there. And before you know it, you want to start a revolution, or perhaps even a fight. Despite the forceful beginnings, Dealing with The Weird isn’t ostracizing those who aren’t ready to jump into a mosh pit as guitars scream around them. In fact, Fucko seems to welcome in those exact people with their catchy hooks and sing-able melodies. “Submarine,” a tune exhibiting those characteristics, is a subtle reminder that pop can kick ass, too.

The album continues to power through with dominating rock and irresistible energy up until “Wake Up.” Had it not been played with a raging electric guitar, it would be the equivalent of the slowed down, mildly melancholy acoustic number of the album. The sound takes a quick turn, though, in summer anthem, “August.” It’s a tune that embodies the way August taunts you with the great memories of the summer, while slyly reminding you that the end is near.

“Buzz” closes the album much in the same way that it began—in a storm of loud, grungy rock ‘n’ roll. The direct chord progressions, snarky lyrics, and blaring vocals and guitars of the entire record are nostalgic of your favorite albums you listened to on your iPod nano in your childhood bedroom (which was notably plastered with band posters)(ed.- Feeling old). In other words, Dealing with The Weird is that perfectly rocking, yet emotional album you wish you had in your early teens, but are more than satisfied with having 10 years on.

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