Fresh Vid: VQnC – Emotion (Ft. Cliff Notez)

Premiering on the Boston Hassle!


“Emotion” was the type of song that, upon first listen, I knew I would have to really sit down, close my browser tabs, and immerse myself into its psychedelic wonder.Tory Corless AKA VQnC, the lead singer of Boston-based funk rock band Dr. Fidelity, has a voice that instantly reminded me of the band Wet, whom coincidentally she has shared the stage with. Although her voice on its own gave me an indie pop/disco vibe, the song itself encompasses slow, synthesized vocals that relaxed me. She is accompanied by Cliff Notez, an Allston native whose interwoven vocals made this song feel like the two were having a conversation, one almost too intimate to be listening to. VQnC is also, by no coincidence, nominated for a Boston Music Award (R&B Artist of the Year) as well as Cliff Notez (New Artist of the Year). Voting is open until November 4th.

The mood of the song is even melancholic, but in a way that leaves you wanting more and not bursting into tears. I think this can be attributed to the song’s ’80s inspired energy and piano that gives it the framework it needs. When I was watching the accompanying music video, the flashing neon colors and trippy images of the ocean cliffs instill the exact feeling I believe the pair was going for — a song you would see in a movie where the protagonist is in the midst of pure angst or ultimate joy. The lyrics, although simple, aren’t the point of this song. The point or purpose is to transport you to one emotion and all of them at once. The title encapsulates that one feeling that is hard to distinguish. It’s despair, joy, anger, and a realization. It is one emotion or all of them.

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