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Minimal industrial exercises sounding as if being transmitted through the thickest possible fog imaginable, or even thicker! You wander along without knowing where you are going, or even in what direction. You shuffle your feet and stumble regularly. And as it appears you are to come upon the maker of the sounds you seek, you come only to a brick wall. It is covered in moisture. It is cool. And it is a relief to find something, but now the source of the sounds seems far away, and so you continue wandering. That’s where I’m at with THOUGHT BROADCAST. It’s like audio Kafka, or Borges. Serious electronic creep. Mysterious stuff from one Ravi Binning. Thanks for this Mr. Binning. A must for obscuro electronic music fans. Video below captures the music’s mood very well and houses two tracks from the new s/t record. Out on the reinvigorated OLDE ENGLISH SPELLING BEE.

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