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My Eastern European roots are not helping me out at all in this heatwave, my brain is barely functioning, and I think I’d fare better in Siberia. I’ve sat around the house all day dreading having to sit in the office to write something as it is on the other end of the apartment from the one tiny air conditioner I have. The only thing that has managed to hold my attention at all today is this song by THEE FOUR TEENS. “Today” is a song from THEE FOUR TEENS’ debut EP that just came out on KEN ROCK. I highly recommend submerging your ears in this, right now. SPIDERS BABIES frontman Kevin Shapen’s abrasive voice has never sounded better, and I’m not going to get this lazy bass line out of my head anytime soon. So many bands are doing this 60’s garage thing these days but what makes THEE FOUR TEENS stand out for me is that there isn’t anything too precious about their sound. Sure, they’ve got a Farfisa, yes there are infectious female vocal harmonies, but I feel like they’re more apt to spit beer in your face than smile at you. After I finally pried myself away from “Today”, I realized that the whole EP can be listened to HERE. You will not be disappointed. And because I also totally fucking love that their videos feature THE FLINTSTONES instead of themselves, here’s a bonus video.

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