We’re lucky here in Boston, to be in a city that attracts freaks from all over the world on a regular basis. Whether it’s for school, work or whatever the turnstyle spins and in and out pop artists of all kinds. Regardless of why they came to Boston the important thing is that they are HERE and that they feel inspired to become a part of our cultural sphere during even the briefest visit. Case in point: Hamburg/Berlin’s TELLAVISION. The solo experimental electronic wooing of Fee Kurten has already begun to take effect.

With an LP already out on MA label Feeding Tube Records (always ahead of the game), and finding temporary residence at long-standing show abode Whitehaus during her visit, Tellavision’s exposure to Boston is expanding rapidly. And so we at Boston Hassle are proud to premiere her new video for “Betony”! The song and video show this powerful performer spinning a solitary web of brooding, melodic noise in a dark, mysteriously vacant room. Although her beautiful, raw textures and ethereal vocal wash might make you feel like there are hundreds of eyes staring at you from that darkness. Who’s to say? Watch and decide for yourself.

And catch Tellavision live at Boston Hassle Fest 6 on November 8! Followed by Homeworld, Palberta, Free Pizza and Downtown Boys. Sick.


Music written and performed by Fee Ronja Kürten.

Produced and recorded by Tobias Levin and René Huthwelker.

Mixed by Hannes Plattmeier. Live-mix by René Huthwelker.

Videoproduction by the Retro Video Club. Director, edit and camera by Marq Lativ Guther. Addition camera by Skrollan Alwert, René Huthwelker.

Make-Up Artist: Pola Lia Schulten

Special Thanks to Westwerk Hamburg und Boris Vogler.

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