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rank/xerox (sabotage 2013)
A couple years back, San Fransico’s RANK/XEROX released an absolutely fantastic eponymous record of caustic post-punk that mostly flew under the radar. Fortunately, Sabotage Records just re-issued it on vinyl. The album is a trove of primitive, moody punk rythmes, riding on angular distorted riffs that tumble along to the beat of militant, rolling drums. Strained, grouchy shout-sung vocals accent the gloomy, grimey ambiance. These stunning, gutteral grooves leave you feeling energized and driven, yet unnaturally restrained, like the haunting hallucinations in the midst of sleep paralysis. The video for ‘You Might Follow,’ from Mondo Vision, provides an apt visual paralell: the bleaching flash of a high-powered bulb causing punctuated moments of over-saturated blindness, slowly recovering vision only long enough to just recognize the dark sleaze of a dirty basement, before another strike of brightness hits you again. Go get the record from Sabotage before it sells out again, or get it from them direct if you happen to live in Europe.

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