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Fresh Vid: OG Swaggerdick – Air


In “Air”, OG Swaggerdick uses lyricism that articulates the bread and butter thematic of gangster rap. “Hoes on deck, swag on deck, bitches on deck, my name – check,” establishes a confident presence for his audience. This check list in the chorus hinges on the recurring elements of OG rap which audiences have historically become desensitized too. The chorus works tongue in cheek for Swaggerdick. We believe him, and don’t at the same time.

A shout out to the patriarch of the T.V. sitcom ‘Family Matters’ adds to this listeners cynicism.

There is also a dichotomy within this Boston based music video. Swaggerdick moves between hopping on Boylston St., throwing chairs off parking garages, a fancy art clad elevator lobby, and, presumably as an ode to this track’s urban roots, alongside a convenience store clerk (which actually is the lobby of Boston fashion boutique Bodega. The backdrops work to visualize the parallels of what this track attempts to accomplish with its lyrics. Swaggerdick has created “Air” to compete with the traditional structure of OG rap with an angle of sardonic playfulness.

Subject matter aside, “Air” sits on a strong backbeat. The crispness of the music grounds listeners and allows them to entertain Swaggerdick’s subtle absurdity in “Air” without triple checking to see if this is just another parody.

Video Shot by @billybuckets

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