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Sam Goldberg (aka Radio People) and John Elliot of Emeralds are individually two of the most prolific, forward thinking ambient synth gurus, crafting album after album of pulsating grooves at a variety of tempos, but always in that psychedelic spaced out tone inspired by those krautfathers Klaus Schulze and company. However, it is when they combine powers as MIST that the duo reach the pinnacle of their sonic output, generating endlessly mutating loops of lost radio transmissions from a massive rave in a galaxy far far away. These Clevelandites concoct beautifully manicured records, like their most recent, last year’s House (Spectrum Spools). However, as the video above (from the always excellent Experimedia) aptly demonstrates, these psychonauts are truly in form during their live performances, ricocheting bombastic blasts of distorted synths off each other until the room is swelling with heavy vibes. Lets hope they visit their aural brethren in Boston soooooon.

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